Kerosene Centrifugal Turbojet (1995)

This engine was a significant improvement on my first two turbojet engines.  For this engine I designed and built custom compressor and turbine assemblies.  The compressor wheel was sourced from a turbocharger, but I billet machined the compressor diffuser and compressor casing from scratch.  The turbine was completely custom (I machined it from 304 stainless steel).  It was the first axial turbine assembly and annular combustion chamber that I built.  It was also my first engine where I CNC machined parts.

Michael Fuchs Kerosene Centrifugal Turbojet
Michael Fuchs Kerosene Centrifugal Turbojet

The engine only produced about 10 lb of thrust, but it was a great learning experience for future engines.  The engine used a centrifugal compressor (with vaned dump diffuser), internal annular combustion chamber, axial turbine, and compressed air impingement starting.

The engine was started and warmed up using propane gas.  Once running, the engine was transferred to 180 psi kerosene injection.