Mercedes-Benz 435 Expedition Truck Build (2018)

This is an ongoing joint project with my wife Yvonne.  The goal of the project is to build and travel in a custom four-wheel drive expedition truck.  The vehicle is built on a Mercedes-Benz 435 military truck.  We designed and built the composite sandwich habitat living module specifically for this vehicle.

The chassis is large enough to accommodate an 84 square foot living module with a total vehicle weight of up to 16,500 lb. The habitat module has a bathroom, shower, kitchen, eating area, permanent bed, refrigerator, heating, full solar charging system, and a pass-through into the truck cab. The vehicle is capable of remote operation for 10 days without re-supply.

Up to date information on the project can be found on our Wabi-Sabi Overland blog and Instagram: