Aft-Fan Turbofan (1996)

The design intent of this engine was to develop a simple turbofan upgrade that could be added to a basic turbojet core that I previously developed.

This engine was built on the gas-generator core of my previous kerosene centrifugal turbojet.  I machined the aft fan out of a single alloy steel plate with a pressed in (and radially pinned) stainless steel inner turbine.  The furthest aft fan bearing assembly was total-loss water cooled with a small amount of pressurized water.

Michael Fuchs Aft-Fan Turbofan Engine
Michael Fuchs Aft-Fan Turbofan Engine

Overall, the engine ran well and worked as a two-spool turbofan.  At the end of testing, fan turbine thermal distortion caused the fan turbine and fan hub to separate causing fan imbalance.